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Slim Lipo Plus Weight Loss Power

Slim Lipo Plus is a new “weight loss supplement” on the market from a very small company. While it’s always nice to see a “little guy” trying to make his way up in the world, when it comes to weight loss supplements sometimes the effort it takes to make a quality product gets in the way of making the big margins early on. While Slim Lipo Plus took a shortcut by using patented weight loss ingredients, it appears that it skimps on quantity in order to save money. But without the right dosage there is nothing really clinically “proven” about anything.

Slim Lipo Plus Ingredient Quality

As we were saying, the ingredient quality seems to be there, but Slim Lipo Plus seems to lack the right doses of each ingredient.  Each dose contains:

  • “ChromeMate” – Chromium – 0.8 mg
  • Proprietary Blend – 760 mg:
    • “Super CitriMax” – Garcinia Cambogia Extract (50% HCA) – in large doses (more than one gram), HCA may decrease fat uptake.
    • Advantra Z (6% synephrine) – synephrine combined with caffeine may function similarly to ephedra but without the same side effects. About 30 mg would be effective, but that means the Advantra Z here would have to be 500 mg or 2/3 of the whole blend.
    • “Lumathin” (caralluma fimbriata) – a cactus-like plant from India which may suppress appetite in doses of over one gram, but which hasn’t been proven to produce actual weight loss.
    • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine – a vasoconstrictor and stimulant which may aid weight loss.
    • Brown Seaweed 10% fucoxanthin – a pigment chemical that may increase fat burning  by increasing levels of thermogenin in the body.  If either the garcinia or synephrine were in a significant dose however, you can be sure that this wouldn’t be nearly an effective dose of fucoxanthin.

Slim Lipo Plus Long-Term Results

Slim Lipo Plus hasn’t been on the market for long and doesn’t even have any testimonials or customer reviews to suggest how effective it might be in the long-term, so it’s basically just relying on the studies done on its ingredients individually

Slim Lipo Plus Company Reputation

Lose It Fast Pills, LLC, maker of Slim Lipo Plus, is a new and basically unknown company out of Allentown, PA. It was founded in 2010 and runs a very low-budget website with almost embarrassingly low-budget marketing (the product images and labels are hideous).  While there aren’t any outstanding complaints or law-suits involving the company, we just don’t have a whole lot of confidence in an operation this small and apparently sloppy.

Slim Lipo Plus Safety

While Slim Lipo Plus lists absolutely no side effects, it does indicate that you should “discontinue use and consult your physician if any adverse reactions occur.” So are they trying to say they don’t know if it has side effects? Why don’t they know?  In any case, if you do decide try Slim Lipo Plus you should check with your doctor first.

Slim Lipo Plus Overall Value

Slim Lipo Plus was originally priced at $60 but then discounted to $35 and now sells “on sale” for $25 per bottle on the official website (which is the only place we know of that sells it). Obviously $60 would be grossly over-priced, but apparently the company couldn’t even sell it at $35 and has put it on clearance.  Since they had to buy the rights to the patented ingredients, it probably cost them a little extra for this formula, but even $25 is too much for what you get.  There is also no satisfaction guarantee for Slim Lipo Plus, which makes it especially low on value for a weight loss supplement.

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  • Slim Lipo Plus Review by gina figueroa
    October 23, 2011 @ 10:38 pm

    LITTLE GUY?? LOL are you serious? How does #25 spot on all of AMAZON.COM sales for 2010 equate to little guy? You are a crackshot company trying to push crappy made product with a run of the mill site. You have no clue what you are talking about. And since none of your products have decent independent reviews, I guess they don’t work! I could easily have written tons of fake reviews on my NEW site but figured there isn’t a reason to do that since all of our 10000+ customers know that we sell product that works! Maybe before you try to badmouth another company or product, you should focus on your own product.

    Seriously though, why would you bother wasting your time talking about my product when you could have easily spent your time talking about what yours does do instead of what you THINK mine doesn’t…

    Seems pointless to waste energy when you sell CRAP and front your CRAP out of a CRAPPY hidden identity website. My information including my PERSONAL cell phone number is on my site. — That is what you call A1 Customer Service.. maybe you should sit down and take pointers huh – LITTLE GUY?

    oh yeah btw.. if you don’t stop putting CRAP about my company on your site I’ll be having my attorney sending you something in the mail. : )

  • Slim Lipo Plus Review by admin
    November 23, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

    Apparently our review has made the “owner” of the “company” upset. I guess my question to you “Gina” is this – Why are you citing the results of clinical studies when your product FAILS to contain the proper dosage, ie. the dosage used in the real study?

    PS. If your attorney wants to find me, I am in Korea.

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