GNC Total Lean CLA

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GNC Total Lean CLA Weight Loss Power

As simple as the formula for weight loss is (consume fewer calories and exercise more) it can be surprisingly difficult to get down to your goal weight. Even when you feel like you are doing everything right you may still step on the scale only to see the same number you saw yesterday.

You do not have to lose weight on your own. Exercising with friends can be a huge help but adding the right weight loss supplement may give you even faster results. GNC Total Lean CLA claims to be that “right product.” It is advertised to do several things including:

  • maintaining lean muscle mass
  • supporting healthy body composition
  • enhancing your diet and supporting your metabolism

Each of these seems like it would make weight loss an easier task. Can using GNC Total Lean CLA really help you to hop on the scale and be happy with what you see?

GNC Total Lean CLA Ingredient Quality

Conjugated linoleic acid is the only ingredient in GNC Total Lean CLA.  Studies have shown that using it may help you to lose more weight because your metabolism is increased.  While this increase may be subtle, it could be enough to help you get past the plateau that is currently preventing you from achieving the results you want.

Surely you already know the benefits of exercising. You probably run a couple miles every day (or plan to until a Desperate Housewives rerun airs and you get side tracked). But how often do you lift weights and strength train?

This is essential in a weight loss program.  Strength training will help to build lean muscle mass that is sometimes lost when you cut back on calories. And another bonus? Adding muscle can increase your metabolism naturally. For every pound of muscle it is estimated your body burns an extra 50 calories.

GNC Total Lean CLA Long-Term Results

When you see that goal number on the scale for the first time you probably want to celebrate. But go to a concert or something because too many dieters celebrate with a big dinner and a huge dessert. That doesn’t help! You still have to maintain your results.

CLA has been found in some trials to prevent dieters from gaining weight back as quickly.  So theoretically, GNC Total Lean CLA should help you maintain your results. The only problem is you do not get enough of the CLA for the promised weight loss.

GNC Total Lean CLA Company Reputation

You probably know just where the local GNC store is located in the mall. It’s a good company that stocks numerous nutritional supplements. But just because some of their products are good it doesn’t mean they all will be. A limited guarantee is offered in case you get one of those sour grapes.  GNC Total Lean CLA is certainly not their most effective weight loss supplement but it’s not a bad one.

GNC Total Lean CLA Safety

Diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps are common complaints of GNC Total Lean CLA users.

GNC Total Lean CLA Overall Value

For just one ingredient GNC Total Lean CLA is kind of expensive. There are quite a few weight loss supplements that use CLA and give you the full benefits of that ingredient plus several others.  Take a look at some of our favorite weight loss supplements that can help you to build lean muscle mass while losing weight.

Top 3 Diet Pills of 2011

Apidexin & DetoxUFREE-72 - Effortless Weight Loss
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Apidexin contains all natural weight loss ingredients proven to help you lose weight safely.

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  • Decreases Appetite

Liporexall and 3 Day Slim Down will help you lose weight fast and keep it off. 3 Day Slim Down is just that, a 3 day detox that will get your body prepped for hard core weight loss. Liporexall uses clinically proven weight loss ingredients to help you build muscle, decrease your appetite and burn fat- the secret for permanent weight loss results. Liporexall and 3 Day Slim Down are backed by an unbeatable 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, so if you don't get the results you want you will get a full refund!

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