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Beauty Slender Weight Loss Power

What if you could have your best body ever, the body you’ve always dreamed about, the body you tried to shape through dieting but never could. You probably already know that starving yourself won’t do it and neither will the act of  popping a few pills by itself.

However, BeautyFit just announced a product called Beauty Slender. When used as part of a low calorie diet and a consistent exercise program Beauty Slender claims to help you finally reach your body shaping goals.  Beauty Slender is billed as a stimulant free, maximum weight loss supplement designed specifically for women by the elite team of researchers at BeautyFit.

According to BeautyFit, Beauty Slender features a “precision release softgel technology that insures quick and efficient delivery of ingredients for ultra-fast absorption.  Other research shows that Beauty Slender might also have the ability to attack stubborn female body fat areas like the hips, thighs, butt and stomach. And finally, Beauty Fit claims to promote healthy skin, hair and nails in addition to producing your “best body ever.”

Beauty Slender Ingredient Quality

BeautyFit claims that each capsule contains, “…a proprietary blend of fatty acids, including CLA, omega 3, 6, and 9, GLA, EPA and DHA.”  BeautyFit says this unique combination goes beyond other weight loss products  because it:

  • reduces sugar cravings
  • decreases water retention
  • provides heart health benefits
  • improves regulation of the key hormones involved in fat metabolism

According to BeautyFit, other research  may support increased muscle strength and promote fat loss when combined with a low-calorie diet and a consistent exercise program.   There it is again. No matter what weight loss supplement you take, you are not going to look lean and healthy without consistent exercise.

Beauty Slender Long-Term Results

At this point there is no long-term data on Beauty Slender’s effectiveness.  However,  Beauty Slender seems to have the right stuff. The question is whether Beauty Slender’s “proprietary blend” of ingredients will work.

Company Reputation

BeautyFit is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau meaning that it had no complaints in the past three years.  BeautyFit’s philosophy is also right on.  BeautyFit does not claim that its products alone are the answer to creating the body of your dreams. Rather the company says, “Physical beauty comes from combining healthy eating habits, positive mental messages, and regular exercise into your daily routine.”  And furthermore, BeautyFit flatly says, “If you don’t work out, Beauty Slender is not for you.”

Beauty Slender Safety

With no stimulants included Beauty Slender should be safe for almost everyone. However, before taking any weight loss supplement it is wise to consult with your health care professionals.

Beauty Slender Overall Value

Beauty Slender is for women only and sells for $49.95 for 120 tabs which you take three a day. This is fairly pricey for a product with very little track record and no money back guarantee I could find.  However, if you have had success with BeautyFit products in the past this might be a good gamble. Remember, though, Beauty Slender is not going the shape you by itself.  It is a product that only claims to work in concert with exercising and eating healthy foods.



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